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Static Dissipative Shoes: Reduce the risk of static shock at work

Static Dissipative Shoes are worn in mainly two types of environments: Computer component handling facilities and nuisance Static Electricity environments, like plants where the process and machinery create a large Static Electricity field in the manufacturing process.

To accomplish Static Dissipating environments consistently, several things must be controlled. First, you cannot add any kind of insole to the shoe, except a specially designed Static Dissipating insole. If a non-Static Dissipating insole is added to the shoe, Static Electricity will not flow through the insole. When the insole becomes non-conductive; the shoe will not Dissipate Static Electricity. Also, the floor and sole of the shoe must remain clean and free of dust and other foreign matter to maintain good contact between the sole and the floor. This allows the Static Electricity to Dissipate, or flow through the sole and into ground. (This assumes that floor is “grounded” and Static Electricity will flow through to the floor material.)

SD footwear reduces the risk of static shock to people and to the manufactured product in the workplace. Meets the ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 M/75.

Are you curious of the difference between Electrical Hazard, Static Dissipative, and Conductive shoes? Read our comparison article: Static Dissipative Shoes vs Conductive and Electrical Hazard Shoes. offers a large selection of SD shoes: Browse ALL Static Dissipative Shoes, Static Dissipative Shoes for Women, and Static Dissipative Shoes for Men here.