Metatarsal ( MET)
Metatarsal Boots provide metatarsal foot protection is designed to prevent or reduce injuries when the toe and metatarsal areas of the foot are exposed to ‘drop’ hazards. Footwear offering metatarsal protection must be designed and constructed with integral metatarsal guards. The standard does not cover the use of ‘aftermarket add-on’ guards.

The metatarsal protector must cover the complete dorsum of the foot and it should be an integral part of the footwear. The metatarsal protector must overlap the edge of the protective toe cap.

The impact energy is the same as for toe impact The test clearances after the metatarsal impact tests are:

  • Men 1 inch (25.4mm)
  • Women 0.937 inch (24mm)

You may view our full collection of metatarsal boots and shoes online.

External Metatarsal BootExternal Metatarsal Boot
Internal Metatarsal BootInternal Metatarsal Boot
Internal Metatarsal ShoeInternal Metatarsal Shoe
Thanks to Wolverine Worldwide, Inc for the use of their Protective Footwear Guide to share this information.