The Best Metatarsal Boot

HYTEST internal and external metatarsal boot

Because they have gone the extra mile in every aspect of metatarsal guard construction, it should be no surprise that HYTEST® and their “Super-Guard X” are a force to be reckoned with–both literally and figuratively—now provides three levels of metatarsal protection – and so I have to award the new HYTEST Super Guard X The Best Metatarsal Boot!

With only a thin layer of skin stretched atop a network of delicate bones, joints, tendons, muscles and nerves, the metatarsal area of the foot surely demands this level of safeguarding. (Each foot and ankle contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, plus tendons and nerves—25% of all the bones in your body reside in the foot and ankle.)

Metatarsal Boot with two layers of protection

The standard impact test requires that there be a 1-inch clearance inside the metatarsal area of the shoe after impact; and it requires that this must be maintained after a 50-pound weight is dropped eighteen inches onto this area of the shoe (resulting in a 75 foot-pound impact to the metatarsal guard). To ensure accuracy, the results are clearly determined with a soft wax foot-form, which is placed inside the shoe before the test and removed afterward to measure the deflection of the guard during impact.

The HYTEST Super-Guard X leaves not only the expected 1-inch gap, but a generous 1 and one-half inch clearance after the test.

Best HYTEST Metatarsal Boot

Thus, HYTEST created the “Super-Guard X”, which incorporates a new triple-guard design, featuring a state-of-the-art, two-piece, patent-pending, External Metatarsal Guard and the Poron XRD® Internal Guard. Most metatarsal boots have *either* external or internal guards, this HYTEST boot sports both.

And though both internal and external guards test 

equally well, there is no denying the great value of something sitting outside the shoe (atop the laces) to protect the foot from impact. HYTEST knows this, and so they are the first to offer metatarsal boots that utilize both an internal and external guard.

Not only that, but the Safety-Guard X protects more of the foot than other external guards available—sweeping up the laces farther, covering more surface area than ever before.

These ground-breaking systems would be enough, but
HYTEST’s Super-Guard X adds a remarkably comfortable insole and an equally outstanding HY-03 outsole, composed of dual-density polyurethane for softness, flexibility, and durability. Though the outsole is oil- and slip-resistant, the outsole is not effective in extremely hot environments because the Polyurethane material will melt in extremely hot environments.

Nothing in metatarsal boots today beats the HYTEST Super-Guard X in full, foot protection from heavy impacts and in its truly revolutionary design and effectiveness. Thus, this new boot has to be rated the best Metatarsal Guard Boot available today and the best ever in my opinion.

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